hi hi! i made this page to archive all of my favorite pixels and blog deco, since i find a lot of them around the internet but don't know where to store all of them. feel free to look around and take as many as you want. i will be updating this regularly as i find more items~

DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of these pixels! if you see any of your items here and want them taken down, please message me or shoot me an ask at here. thank you!



september 8, 2022

  • moved this site from tumblr to neocities!
  • got rid of a bunch of broken images in the xs pixels section
  • fixed the links on top so that when clicked, wouldn't take you to the tumblr version of this page
  • added a huge pixels, buttons, and gyaru girls section
  • added more pixels
  • made this update page

september 9, 2022

  • made the layout for the update page
  • various tweaks to the update page
  • various tweaks to the home page
  • added more pixels
  • added a counter to the home and updates page!

september 10, 2022

  • added the links page!
  • various small tweaks
  • added some new links to the link page